3rd Anniversary Gift

If you want to give a peculiar and beautiful present to the closest people of your life you can customize a leather portrait. That is the most unusual thing that you can present as a 3rd anniversary gift. This gift will be a great surprise for a young family. Made with love by our artists and 100% handmade. The picture is hand drawn by pyrography tool (a pen with hot needle) on genuine leather. It’s rare pyrography engraving technique. The wooden frame is hand carved and burnt to give a noble shade.

You will surely not regret about the Leather Portrait anniversary gift! On the first place for us is customer service. We try to reach maximum satisfaction for every customer. Be sure that we try to make our best with every order. We love convert your happy photos in a new light and bring this world more joy and warmth. The Leather Portrait will delight your eyes for years to come so Order Your Own!

Rare 3rd anniversary gift

If you decide to make such a heartwarming present you must find the best craftsman as soon as possible. Nowadays such interesting gifts are very popular, so you must order a production of portrait in a good time.

The only thing that you must bring to the craftsman is a good quality photo. It can be a picture from wedding day or another good photo, where he and she looks happy. You can choose a picture together, but you mustn`t say what it allocated to. If the 3rd anniversary gift will be a surprise, you will see the delight and sincere emotions, which will make you day.

Leather portrait is a magic work of art, that will induce unforgettable emotions. Such a present can be placed on the shelf, where it will remind about the happiest day of their life. It looks like a portrait in a pyrography style, so such a present will differs from others. So, if you used to be an individual you have an opportunity to present the respect and love to your beloved couple.

You will not find better idea

The answer on such a question is very simple. Using these idea of gift, you present the particle of your soul. Boring and monotonous cards can`t show your feelings, so many people try new methods of preparing a 3rd anniversary gift.

You must know that such presents will be without risk of lost. That`s why you can bring it for a birthday person, on wedding day or use such gift for any other commemorative date. Any person, that will receive a present, will be very happy. Besides, that is a good decision to demonstrate love and peace.

The 3rd anniversary gift advantages

3rd anniversary gift

If you decide to give leather portrait, you must take into account the main advantages of such a gift:

  1. We have 4 different sizes for any budget.
  2. This kind of gift will show your feelings and respect.
  3. It can take the most attractive place on the shelf or on the wall.
  4. One of a kind.
  5. The Leather Portrait will be unforgettable for any person it allocated to.
  6. Really unique ART.

So, as you can see, leather portrait is a respectable anniversary gift for any person on any anecdotal evidence. You can choose our site to make an order and impress an important person. Be unique and extraordinary – choose the right presents!


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