3rd anniversary present

The more progressive world becomes, the more hard is to impress people. Nowadays everyone see all the unusual things, so it is hard to find out the thing that will be a great surprise. When the anniversary of parents or friends become, lots of people have no idea what gift to choose. What about such 3rd anniversary presents as leather portrait?

The features of such gift

That will be a special portrait which will be made from the photo. Such surprise will be great. Considering that the portrait is a faithful image of photo, there is no necessity to visit painter and to spent lots of free time.

What is the interest to rewrite the old photo? The zing is to take faces and figures of people and situate them in unusual décor. Sometimes customers want to add an outstanding artistic linen. Such kind of work we name collage by photo.

These works are usually used as 3rd anniversary presents for weddings, anniversaries and other events. Such a portrait will bring a lot of positive emotions to people, that you love. You can see the examples of works on the sites to choose the best painter ever.

3rd anniversary present

Portrait on anniversary: the advantages of such gift

Customized portrait on the wedding anniversary can be made by the wedding photo of a lovely couple. The one thing is a photo that is stored in album and rarely appears in our mind. But the another is when artist make an extraordinary portrait and a very simple photo turned into beautiful graphical linen. The last thing is to add a well-deserved framing. Such 3rd anniversary present will be a sign of love and happiness.

If you have any doubts about what picture to choose you can bring a couple gift sertificate for leather portrait manufacturing.

If you want to take our services, you can choose the most suitable variant of 3rd anniversary gift:

  1. The easiest one. It is a processed photo which can be printed on a canvas. We can cover it with fancy batten and such present will be mystify and pleasant.
  2. The hard another. It is a producing of picture partly with help of oil colors. In such case artist will make colorful accents. They will help the picture to become more lively, the faces will be more natural and the figures will become perfect.
  3. The third variant is the creating of portrait by the photo. Such result of work will be perfect – you will bring a picturesque third anniversary gift, which will amaze the couple.

Before you choose the best present, take into attention, that it will be a great decoration for the wall, that will gladden the eyes for years.


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