Third Anniversary Gift

third anniversary gift

Traditional third anniversary gift

Custom Portraits
Custom Portraits

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Third Anniversary Gift


third anniversary gift

Hand Engraving

Our artists use the pyrography tool to display your photo on the real leather.

Natural Wood Frame

The wooden frame is hand carved and burnt to give a noble shade. 

third anniversary gift

Our Leather Portraits have really unique and one of a kind design! Will looks awesome with any interior.


Your custom portrait on genuine leather will be always in the spotlight.

Full Handmade

Not ugly laser engraving or printing. No any harmful substances.

Customers reviews
Wow is all I can say!!! What a beautiful piece of art. Thank you so very much! My husband loved his gift and it was the perfect anniversary gift for him.
Alison Michaels
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5
Very well made and my husband loved it! He said it's the most unique thing he's seen. It made the perfect anniversary gift! Thank you!
Serian Montalbano
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5
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Just upload your picture during the order process and pay for it with the safest service - PayPal. Your Leather Portrait will be with you in 4-8 days. (UPS tracking included)

third anniversary gift

Many people know that every wedding anniversary has its own name. These names were invented long ago, and each of them has its own meaning. In past centuries, the names of anniversaries were compared with the stages that are young in their family life. With the development of the modern world traditions recede into the background, and the name of the wedding anniversary is used only to choose a gift.

The third anniversary has a rather symbolic name – a leather wedding. Leather is a flexible and durable material, as well as marital relations. Since the relationship also need to take care that they are not spoiled, as the leather has not lost its attractive appearance. 

Leather Gift

A third anniversary gift should be at least similar to a leather product. It can also be made of genuine leather. The original wedding anniversary gift for the couple will be a portrait on the leather. This product will attract the attention of guests every time they come to visit the couple.

Everyone knows that the leather has different properties, this material is supple, it can stretch, and with proper care is very long. Nowadays, many different products are from leather, as this material is quite durable and shiny. Due to these properties, the third anniversary in many Nations is called leather.

At this event, the couple decide to give leather goods. Many depart from tradition, handing over various household items and other small things that may never need a couple. In order not to depart from tradition, you can hand over leather products that are constantly in use, it can be leather wallets, clothing, furniture.

Portrait on the Leather

If you approach the question more creatively, you can give a portrait on the leather. As a basis, you can take a wedding photo, so the tradition of giving leather goods will be observing. But at the same time, such a third anniversary gift will be unusual and definitely one of a kind.

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